Lyris Studios

Whenever we have a creative impulse, a new idea to try, or an innovative design – that’s Lyris Studios. Lyris Studios is a collection of our different projects, bringing our creativity and design skills to the world.

Lyris Laser Studio

Lyris Laser Studio produces art and custom designs using a high-power laser engraving machine. We specialize in making board game accessories, but we’ve done all sorts of projects, from wedding invitations to laptop engravings!

Wasted – A Podcast from the Distance

Join Ruby as she sets up her transmitter and shares her thoughts on survival, both of herself and the world. Wasted is an audio drama, available to listen online or download to any podcast-capable device.

Small Baby Bird

Jacqi talks about food, restaurants, her favorite recipes, and everything we love about eating. Small Baby Bird represents our thoughts on food – why should food be complicated? Think of small baby bird, smile, and enjoy your meal!

No Die in Team

It’s better to work together! No Die in Team is a blog about cooperative and semi-cooperative board games, where you have to work with other players to survive!

Lyris Mobile Studio

At Lyris Mobile Studio, we experiment with games and applications for Android and iOS devices. We want to make your mobile devices useful in new and unexpected ways.

Lyris Studios is:

Barry Figgins

Barry is the owner, designer, and lasersmith at Lyris Laser Studio. Previously, he’s worked at multiple startups in the technology and gaming industries. In his free time, he enjoys games of all kinds, drumming, and archery.

Jacqi McKinney

Jacqi is the creative energy behind the Wasted podcast, and a professional librarian. She also writes, plays piano, studies martial arts, and practices various crafts including jewelry-making, quilting, and crochet.